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"You did then what you knew how to do.  When you knew better, you did better." -Maya Angelou

Is it true EROgenics invented strapless sex?  Yes!

Is it true EROgenics manufactures these products in the U.S.A.?  Yes!

Does EROgenics hold all patents and trademarks for Feeldoe and Realdoe products?   Yes!

What's the difference between Feeldoe® and Realdoe®?   Feeldoe® have smooth shafts and come in colors.   Realdoe® are realistic with veins and come in a tan color created by Mia.

Is it true EROgenics only uses medical grade class VI platinum catalyzed silicone that’s rated completely safe for bodily insertion?   Yes, and it does not contain phthalates, PVC, ABS, or other fillers.  It has no odor, does not melt, does not bleed colorant, never fades, doesn't cause infections or rashes. 

Do you sell vibrating dildos?  Yes!  They all have the hole in the center saddle region for a vibrator.  

What about the vibrator?  It's a standard common size vibrator called a mini silver bullet which runs on 3 watch batteries; A-76, AG13, LR44, 357 and others.

How can I tell the difference between Feeldoe® or Realdoe® and cheap imitations?   When you read about a product melting in a suitcase or color pigment rubbing off on the sheets, or people getting infections or having reactions, those are imitations.  

How do the Feeldoe® or Realdoe® work?   Insert the bulbous "pony" end vaginally (or rectally), spread the labia, and nestle those nifty little ridges of the "saddle" against your clitoris.   We trust ya'll will figure out what to do with the "horse" end that looks like a dildo.

Can I pack with Feeldoe® or Realdoe®?  Absolutely!   Wearing Feeldoe® or Realdoe® is so naturally comfortable, you'll forget you have it on!   Well, if you wear it for hours on end, and don't get to use it, you might get irritated, but it won't be because of the product.

Will it stay on without straps?   Women are naturally retentive.   Hold the saddle with your thighs for more support while your muscle groups get used to it, and enjoy some missionary style practice before trying the more athletic positions.  It's natural to feel a little wobbly at first.   With practice you gain confidence and condition the pelvic floor.   Most people are reporting great success and love their Feeldoe®, saying they'll never go back to a regular ol' strap on dildo.

How do I clean my Feeldoe® or Realdoe®?   You can wash it regularly how ever you wash yourself.   If you have the vibrating model, the vibe is water tight.  We suggest you remove the vibe before throwing your family friend in the dishwasher or the washing machine, for a general cleaning, or sterilizing it in boiling water. You can also sterilize your Realdoe® or Feeldoe® and the vibe by soaking them for about 5 minutes in a 10% bleach solution, and then rinse off the bleach.

Will EROgenics sell to distributors?   Yes, we sell to distributors like Tantus, Inc., and resellers get them from us. 

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Strapless strap on dildos known by our trademarks, Feeldoe® and Realdoe®, are Made in America.  Erogenics, Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademark names in multiple countries, and owns the relative patents, including but not limited to 5,690,603. The smiley mark featured on this web site and other sites operated by Erogenics, Inc. is a registered trademark, too.  Products offered for sale are novelty items only.   All rights are reserved by Erogenics, Inc. ®2003 - 2019

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