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Medical Class IV Silicone processed in America
- Hypo allergenic - Odorless - No Chemical Additives - Only FDA listed colors - Bleachable - Boilable - Safe - Secure - Comfortable -
It's been a long hot summer.  LET'S HAVE A SALE!!!

Feeldoe Classic medium size in violet purple
Feeldoe® Classic in Violet
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Feeldoe® Slim in Blue
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Feeldoe Slim small size blue
Feeldoe Stout thickest in black
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Feeldoe More longest in red
Realdoe Classic medium size in tan
Realdoe® Classic in Mia's Tan
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Realdoe® Slim in Mia's Tan
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Realdoe Classic small size in tan
Realdoe Stout thickest size in tan
Realdoe® Stout in Mia's Tan
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Realdoe® More in Mia's Tan
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Realdoe More longest size in tan

Replacement or extra Vibrator with batteries included

Mini Silver Bullet Vibrator (batteries included)
This item ships only to U.S. locations, and postage is included.

Why is the cocoa color of Realdoe® called "Mia's Tan"? She invented the strapless sex concept in the first place, and she made up the color!   Now, the big industry folks call it "cocoa".
This is her site... the original... where it all began.  | Ownership
We Are the Home of the Strapless Dildo Revolution!
  Our silicone products are Made in America, and we're not just saying that 'cause it's trendy.  Manufacturing has always been in the U.S.A.  Our Erogenics, Inc. site has supplied these fine products, world wide, for 15 years and counting. 

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