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This one is THE BIG RIDE, and Big Rides are only for
special folks who feel if a little's good, MORE is better!


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Meet the largest Member of our patented Strapless Strap On Family
Feeldoe® MORE

Reminds us of an old southern expression:

"You better cover that thing up, son.
You're scarin' the mares!!!"

Funny gif of Paul Revere announcing the More.


Detailed picture of why this model is More.
click here to see all of the models

Feeldoe® MORE are
Not for beginners!
If you already "feeldoe",
then you know what you're
getting in to
(or what's getting into you...
with a horse of this magnitude!

If you're still wondering why this model's named what it is... READ the picture.  You'll get it! 

If we were clever marketers, we wouldn't hesitate to tell you it's 8" long.
(If ya' measure along the bottom of the pleasure bent curve, it IS every bit of eight inches.)
However, we're just a little bunch of simple southern women
who know the shortest distance between to points is a straight line,
so we measure it that way, just like the lines in the picture below show you.

Family photo with measurements.


So many of us enjoy scrumptious things just a wee bit too much, and have a few extra pounds to show for it. Yep! Those spare tires can shorten the depth of penetration when folks are gettin' up close and personal. ;) We truly appreciate the candor of all ya'll who stated your weights and sizes in asking for a longer model... and for explaining to scrawny little Mia about needing to reach but without so much girth as this industry usually provides with longer models.   Just 'cause you want longer, doesn't mean as thick as a thermos, too! 

We didn't forget you bend-over boys who wrote to us, either.
(Yep! If a little's good, More is Better!  hehehe...)
We increased the bulges of the split corona ring on the underside of the head for more backside stimulation, too, so you and your lady driver can both... well, ya'll know what we mean!

In fact, the whole head is proportionally larger for more stimulation, no matter which way you prefer doing the deed.

Plus, for you fellahs who have an erectile dysfunction, and figure on retaining a feeldoe® rectally, you'll be able to give your gal plenty now!


If you post on the old Feeldoe® Message Board ...
Please keep it clean! 

Though Mia's too shy to make postings on her own message board,
she humbly thanks all of you who do! 

Express yourself on our message board.

FYI:  We, at Erogenics, Inc., listen to you, and truly care about your satisfaction with our products.
Trying to please all the women in the world is a BIG JOB, and we appreciate all the help we can get!

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